[Scholarship Corner] Invitation for AUN- ACTS SCHOLARSHIP for AUN Student Exchange Program

Universitas Indonesia is now offering “AUN Exchange Program” scholarship for Bachelor degree students. This scholarship is opened to students who are willing to pursue one semester abroad in one of member universities of AUN (ASEAN University Network). This program offers Rp 30.000.000 for funding one semester study abroad.

Application Status: Open

Deadline of Application: February 16, 2016

Selection for Nomination

Students who are interested in joining “AUN Exchange Program” can complete online application via ASEAN Credit Transfer System website on: ACTS Online Application

And submit the supporting documents To International Office, Universitas Indonesia;

  1. Print-out of application forms
  2. TOEFL (ITP)/IELTS Certificate (Minimum 550 for TOEFL and 6.0 for IELTS)
  3. Temporary Academic Transcript (Minimum GPA 3.30)
  4. Recommendation Letter from Faculty

Information about AUN- ACTS SCHOLARSHIP (AUN Student Exchange Program)

AUN- ACTS Scholarship is a scholarship provided by Universitas Indonesia to five students of Universitas Indonesia to join AUN Exchange Program in one of member universities of AUN (ASEAN University Network) for trimester/ one semester.  (The scholarship provides Rp 30.000.000 for funding one semester exchange program)


  • Bachelor degree student of Universitas Indonesia with Indonesian Nationality
  • Have been studying in Universitas Indonesia for minimum 2 semester and maximum 6 semester
  • Have a good academic report with GPA ≥ 3.30
  • Have a good ability to communicate in English showed by  TOEFL ≥ 550/ IELTS ≥ 6.0
  • Willing to become volunteer at International Office

Registration Procedures
Students who fulfill the requirements and interested to join the program must follow the registration procedures as below:

  1. Find the information regarding the academic calendars of AUN Member Universities, and match the schedule with the academic calendar of Universitas Indonesia. After finding the target university that match with UI’s academic schedule, choose courses from the chosen university. In order to be able to transfer academic credits to UI, choose the courses that suitable for your major. The courses that will be acknowledged are ± 4 or equal to 12 credits. The target university and the courses can be discussed with academic supervisor beforehand. Students can choose three target universities for the exchange. 
  2. After deciding the university and courses, students are asked to do online registration via AUN-ACTS website by using valid email address because all the information regarding the selection will be send to the email. By the time the student completes the online registration, a password will be given to login to ACTS system. 
  3. By having an account in ACTS system, students can complete the application online by login to ACTS website. In this phase, students are required to upload formal photo, academic transcript that has been signed by the vice dean of the faculty, TOEFL/IELTS Certificate, and other supporting documents. 
  4. After completing the application, students need to print out the application form from the system and submit it to International Office along with other supporting documents, such as academic transcript, TOEFL/IELTS certificate, recommendation letter from faculty, and so on for internal selection process. 
  5. Students who pass the internal selection process will be nominated by International Office through ACTS system to the intended universities (Host University) that has been approved by the Head of International Office for the selection process in Host University. 
  6. If accepted by Host University, Students will get a notification via email about the selection result and the list of courses that have been approved (for the courses approval can be done when the students have arrived at the Host University. After the students receive the notification email about the selection result, it is needed to do confirmation in ACTS system regarding the availability to join Exchange program in the chosen Host University. The confirmation phase is essential because the students can be accepted in more than one Host University, and Host University will not give Letter of Acceptance without students’ confirmation. 
  7. After receiving Letter of Acceptance from Host University, students can immediately make a preparation for their departure, such as booking plane tickets, immigration, SIAK NG status, learning agreement, etc. International Office will proceed the funding. 
  8. By the end of the exchange program period, Host University will evaluate student’s study result, and will input the score of the student which has been put on par with ACTS score to the system. Then AUN-ACTS secretariats will send ACTS Academic Transcript based on the scores that have been inputted and ACTSCertificate of Completion. For the credit transfer process, International Office will send a copy of transcript to Directorate of Education and respected Faculty to be proceeded immediately.


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